Sunday, May 2, 2010

Unexcused ABSENCE

i have been away from blogging for too long now.
i never seem to have the time to sit down and think of something (interesting)to write.
so much time has passed since my last post
i don't know where to begin. so i am just going to post some random photos of "life" since i have been away.

my son's hockey career ended ~ so sad! however, they ended on a great note.

my son's senior year. the team won the regional championship - for the first time in school history. very exciting...trohies, newspaper interviews!!!

he was named to the all county team as an individual player - very proud!!!!

also... very sad to say good bye to something that has been such a great part of our lives........

however, i still have one more son playing for 2 more years...that's a good thing.

so what do hockey mom's do when hockey is over?

well of course, we pack up all the photos that we took and go away on a girl's scrapbook weekend ...........

and then we come home and buy these:

i do believe that the cricut is an essential machine for all scrapbookers! i LOVE it.

and then there was spring break

long drive for sunshine! but totally worth it.

and when we came home

we added this adorable little puppy to our family.

this is roxy. she was born on valentine's day. we adore her. i am sure she will be the subject of many upcoming posts.

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