Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Slimming" Black Rooms

While seeking inspiration for interior colors, I have often read that one must simply open the doors to her closet. The color of clothes that you tend to gravitate towards is the secret to painting a room that will soothe and comfort you.

For years I have opened that closet door hoping to find the right color to paint my rooms.....denim (I don't even really like blue and NOTHING in my house is blue) or black! Everything else in my closet is Black! I could never paint a room that color.........for heaven's sake - my room doesn't need to "look slimming".

Well think again I tell myself.......! You don't have to live in a loft in SoHo or be a total Goth to use black in interior design.

I love these one word: G L A M !

I bet her and Becks have a posh black room in one of their homes!

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