Friday, October 22, 2010


Recently i have been asked by a LOT of people about my pasta!!

i grew up in an italian family where the sauce was made from scratch and sundays meant: going to church, going to grandma's with all my aunts, uncles and cousins, eating pasta and sausage, playing penny poker and having a lunch meat platter for dessert!

i loved those days. the food, the family and the fun - good memories! unfortunately, this tradition did not last for many reasons - family relocations, deaths and the busy schedules that we all have nowadays.

because of my busy schedule, i didn't always have time to make the sauce the way grandma did, so i took a shortcut. after may attempts i came up with a winner.

and to my delight, my pasta sauce is a big hit with everyone who tries it.

so i am ready to share my "cheatin" sauce recipe:


3 garlic cloves

2 lbs. ground chuck

1 large jar of Prego Traditional Sauce
(i get the super huge jars from costco)

1 15 oz. can tomato sauce

1/4 cup of sugar

In a large pot simmer EVVO and garlic. When just starting to brown (about 2 minutes) add the meat. Cook meat and drain. Return meat to pot, add Prego, tomato Sauce and sugar. Bring to a boil. And simmer, simmer, simmer - the longer the better.

that's it!!! easy and delicious.


High Street Cottage said...

This is hysterical, my brother and I were just talking about Sunday Gravy! I use Prego Traditional for my cheat sauce too! I can make from scratch also, but cheat now and then. I do season it up, and put my own special seasoning in, my family loves, even my Mom used to say when she was alive that she preferred mine over hers, which I took as a huge compliment. This post of yours brings back fond memories, tami from the high street cottage

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That looks yummy to me!!

Durante said...

come back, I want you to write again!

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