Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Utter {Decorating} Confusion"

This is an area in my kitchen that has given me "utter confusion" since the day I have moved in!! Here it is in the beginning.

Four years later, I added this loveseat!

Four years and 26 days (just in time to return it) I got rid of the loveseat and decided to paint the moldings and mantle shelf black, as suggested when I posted on Rate My Space.

I added two chairs and a table, hoping to capture a "french" look ~ although I liked the black paint on the fireplace surround, I still felt like something was not I reposted on RMS.

It was suggested that I paint the wall between the mantle shelf and the molding black to make it appear as one big mantle, instead of a "floating shelf". So I did....

This is the final look (FOR NOW). I am sure that those chairs will be moving into my master bedroom one of these days, but I am pretty happy for now......except I would like to change out that greyish white builders tile..........


Melaine Thompson said...

Donna, it looks soooo good! Love all the accessories and what an improvement the black did! Now onto that rock huh? :)

Ramona said...

Good Morning Donna~
I just stopped by after reading your comments on Sara's dear your blog is anything but is WONDERFUL!!! I am going to give that yum~o~rama chicken recipe a try this weekend. Your photos are eye candy for sure. Thank you for your interesting list of links...I will visit again and often...keep up the great work!

Merry Halloween!

Smiles ~ Ramona

Lori Bee said...

I have one of those confusing rooms FR! Congrats on creating a lovely space, it's perfect!

mishebe said...

It really looks great. and filling in that area black really added alot. mishelle

Julie said...

Love that clock!!

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