Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Artichoke Lemon Chicken - YUM

I just got this recipe from a neighbor and tested it out on my family tonight. I am thinking of making it next week for my daughters First Communion Party. It was a big HIT. Easy and Delicious!

For my family of 8 I used:

8 thin chicken breasts

1 egg - beaten

a combination of bread crumbs and parm. cheese all mixed together and ready for dipping

Olive Oil and Butter

1 jar of Artichokes in water (chop them up)

1 Lemon for squeezin

chicken broth

White Wine (2 glasses, one for me and one for the chicken)

In a large fry pan heat olive oil and butter (enough to fry up chicken, I continually added as I went).

Dip chicken breasts in egg and dip into bread crumb mixture. Fry it up in pan. Add more oil and/or butter as you go.

Blot off excess grease onto a paper towel.

Place chicken in a baking dish, set aside.

Add to pan with the drippings from frying the chicken - artichokes, about 1/2 cup white wine, the juice of the lemon (squeeeeeze) and chicken broth - about 1/4 of a cup. Bring that to a boil and continually stir. Let simmer for about 20 minutes....

Now pour that right over the chicken in the pan. Place in oven and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.

You can also add capers if your family likes them, the last time I put capers into a dinner my kids thought it was rabbit poop!

Results: a very tasty chicken dish! I served mine with leftover spaghetti from last night, a salad and fresh baked dinner rolls.


Sue said...

I had just whizzed through the recipe, and was ready to print it out when I scanned back up and saw the word poop. POOP, I thought- did I read that right or was I imagining it? It certainly caught my attention... Love that your kids thought the capers looked like rabbit poop. I laughed my head off! And now that I have recovered, I will print the recipe.
:-) Sue

Jeanneoli said...

I am making this tomorrow night! Sounds amazing.

Sophie said...

WOW (impressed look). Your Lemon Chicken looks so yummy.

Here I bought a sauce pack for Lemon Chicken so as to skip all the seasonings! and i will try this friday after work.

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