Friday, September 11, 2009

Halloween Party Ideas.

I am having a Halloween Party - the theme is Haunted Mansion. I am going to transform my entire home into a haunted spooky mansion. I think my guest list will reach at least 60 (adults only) YIKES!!!

Today I scoured the Salvation Army for whatever I could find.........and I found her. They didn't want to sell her to me, they said she was a store display (c'mon a store display in the salvation army???) . She is so perfectly worn out that her head droops down into a very scary postion. I had to have her so I worked on them and they finally agreed..... an incredibly creepy old lady to spook out my guests. I named her Gertie ~ short of course, for Gertrude.

Now, I am trying to think of subtle way to incorporate her into my spooky mansion. any suggestions?

actually I would love to hear any of your ideas to help make my haunted mansion party a success!

Until then, I would like to introduce you to Gertie.........

and check out those shoes.....


Tracey said...

That sounds like such a fun party! 60 is a lot of people! As for ideas...I like what they did in the current issue of CL mag (I'm pretty sure that's where I saw it), where they draped large sheets of I think cheese cloth around on the furniture and mirrors. It looked very Halloweeny and they said the stuff is very inexpensive. Good luck!

:) T

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glimpse of my world said...

Very fun-- she does look a bit scary!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. It's so fun. Your party sounds like it is going to be a blast! Halloween is probably my favorite holiday! "Gertie" is hysterical ... though that was my wonderful Grandmother's name ... she probably would have chuckled at her as well. This catalog has some great ideas. They are pricey, but I just take those ideas and find the materials/items elsewhere.

Have fun!

Melissa in Boston

Donna said...

Tracey - more than 60 people now..ugh! i got the cheesecloth along with every single halloween magazine out there - tons of ideas.

Pedro - I don't understand spanish, so therefore, I am unable to read your "alerta" sorry.

Melissa - what catalog?

Anonymous said...

Oopps...sorry, I forgot to put the link to the catalog. Here it is, it's called Grandin Road. It's pricey, but has some great ideas!


Anonymous said...

Hi- I'm Liz - Mom of 5 from Michigan (you commented of My Sweet Savannah). This is the only way I think I could get a hold of you. I'm new to leaving messages - had to use my husband's account - go figure! I live in Freeland, MI about 2 hours or so North of you. My kids are 18, 17, 16, 13, and 10. Lots of sports here too and I'm definitely a cheer mom for them as well. Oldest is in college too! Give me an email if you'd like.

Jo said...

I found your blog through Meg @ WHATEVER :)

GO FIGURE, eh? She's a creative gal. I had to leave a comment on the scary lady! WOW you did a great job dressing her up! I would def. be spooked if I walked upon that thing. Your brave to have taken her in your car, doll-ish looking people creep me out! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR PARTY!

Dee said...

Gertie scares me! I'm afraid I would have to take her back after the party!!! Where could you store her? I'm to chicken to even think about it!!

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