Friday, February 26, 2010

a girly hockey mom get together

because we spend so much time in the ice rink together, I decided to have a party for my fellow hockey moms........and i wanted to make it extra girly.

i made invites with my scrapbooking materials !! i decided on pink, green and orange as the colors for the evening. I also added a feather as a hint of what to expect for the evening.

Here are a few of my "mama's" toasting the end of a fun season and the friendships that we made via our hockey playing sons.

We drank cotton candy champagne - which was absolutely yummy!

i took plastic champagne glasses and glitzed them up with feather boas and rhinestones, dipped the rims in pink sugar....plopped a fluff of cotton candy into them and poured in the bubbly!

I focused on the "sweets".... cupcakes...cookies....candies...cream puffs!

I decided to use my dining room for the sweet's buffet. I decorated with feathers, ribbons and paper pom poms.

Each guest brought a $15 accessory for a gift exchange.

Everyone brought home a mini corset that I filled with lavender.

we ate...played games....Drank and had fun!

I'm going to miss my hockey mama's...

Thank you to Chris at Celebrations at Home for the ideas and inspiration for my party.


npalermino said...

What you need at this party is your drunk cousin trying to make out with all the ladies!!!


Julie said...

What an amazing party!! i have given you an award over at my blog:


viagra online said...

I love, your invitations are beautiful, creative and original, congratulations on your party hockey!!

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