Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thIrD grAdE vaLeNTiNes paRTy

i was in charge of Katie's classroom valentines party this year.
for once i was smart.....

and volunteered for the low key holiday party.
this is what we did!
(unfortunately i didn't have time to take pictures of everything).

we made i Loves.....the kids really liked these.
i had all the materials assembeled ahead of time in individual sandwich bags, it made things much easier!

last week the teacher had the children make a creation to hold their valentines.

the kids voted on three categories...most original, most creative and most valentinesy

i made award ribbons out of paper plates, ribbon, patterened papers and candy.

here is my daughter's box.. .........

"Katie Bug was awarded ~ Most Creative"
is that wrong?
i didn't vote
but i was running the party?
it's like the time i was selling 50/50 raffles for my son's hockey team.
i won $350!
i didn't feel right about it, so i donated the money back.....
i didn't feel right about that either!!!

lesson learned: never sell 50/50 raffle tickets again!

the kids made strawberry shortcakes with lots of sprinkles - sorry no pictures!

we played a quick game!

and the rest of the hour was spent opening valentines goodies!

it was quick succesful fun!
hope you have a


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Cute creations!
I am a new follower from MBC.
Diana Rambles
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npalermino said...

Donna -
Wasn't it I who dubbed the name Katie Bug about 7 years ago???


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