Monday, February 9, 2009

1st Grade Blackmail

BFF's Sophia and Katie

This is a true story about my eight year old daughter Katie and her BFF Sophia.
This cracks me up!!!

Last year, when Katie and Sophia were in first grade together, they were inseparable, you know the way BFF’s are in first grade??? During class the teacher announced that they were allowed to sit wherever they wanted and so the story goes something like this:

Sophia: I am going to sit somewhere else
Kate: No, sit by me
Sophia: Not today
Katie: Then I am going to tell your Mom
Sophia: Please don’t
Katie: Thenyou have to give me $100.

Next morning at the coat cubbies:

Sophia: Here is the money (hands her a $100 bill)
Katie: (I am not sure what she said….but what I do know is she folded up the money and shoved it in her backpack).

After school Katie comes to me:

Katie: Mom, Sophia gave me a hundred dollars today.
Me: (on the laptop, not paying too much attention) okay, that’s good
Katie: She really did
Me: Okay………..(thinking……hmmmmm…….probably Monopoly Money)
Katie: She did
Me: Okay then……. let me see
Katie: (hands me a crisp REAL $100 bill) Here .(....pout pout - not sure if that was a guilty pout or a "damn" there goes the money pout).
Me: (looking up from the keyboard, jaw drops, trying to stay composed, should I laugh, should I cry??) Oh My Goodness - where’d she get that??? And why did you take it?

So Katie tells me the story………..I call BFF’s mom………thankful that she is a friend of mine and tell her the story………Katie and Me get in car, drive over, say sorry give back the "blackmail loot".

Remember Katie is the youngest of six kids - four of them teenagers. Of course, they get a kick out of the story.....

Later that evening oldest daughter arrives home from her waitress job, very giddy.

Oldest Daughter: (very happily announces) I made $50 in tips tonight at work.
Smarty Pants Teenage Son: So what! Katie made $100 in the coat cubbie at school today!


annmarie1980 said...

OMG! That is so cute. THey look like twins. They are adorable

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

This is absolutely hilarious! Nothing like first graders! Good thing the other mother was a friend! I would have died at the sight of that $100.

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

So cute and I have so been there. My youngest's BFF in first grade had a crush on this girl, who completely ignored him. My youngest asks her to give him a kiss on the cheek and she said she would for 50.00. Well, the next day my yougest produced the money for his BFF to get a kiss on the cheek from the cute little girl.

I was mortified when the VP of the school called me and explained what had happened to me. He had the money in an envelope waiting for me to pick up.

KIDS!! You gotta love 'em and thank goodness we can laugh about it later on.


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