Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Yesterday I took some friends flea marketing with me. Here is how my day went:

1. Love at very first sight...........

I thought this little brooch was adorable......I was in love. Especially when I opened it up to find vintage photos, one of a small boy, the other of a small girl. I think I will pin this brooch to my favorite pink cashmere sweater!

2. Recently, I was looking through the posts from one of my favorite bloggers., Layla over at The Lettered Cottage...check out oversized silver ware............It was obviously meant to be. This set was priced at a whopping $2 - I "scooped" it up - Pun (so) INTENDED. I plan to spray paint it black and hang it in my kitchen.

3. Love the vintage jewels........some of them I wear and some I use to craft with.........I scored big with a dealer on this lot!

4. I have been looking for a set of dominoes (for decorating purposes).......I was just going to pick some up at Target, but never got around to it. To my surprise today I opened a cigar box and found this chipped up set. $2 later I owned them!!

And this is what I had planned for my dominoes....

5. I spotted this old rusty bucket, and for some reason felt I had to have it. After some consideration of what I would do with it, I decided it might be the solution for an area that I am having some difficulty with in my den.

I felt that I needed some height on this table. So I got some spray painted branches and placed them in the rusted bucket. I love it the way it has added height into the area, and also brought a natural element into the space. I think it will also be fun to decorate on holidays. Red White and Blue in July......flying witches at Halloween......twinkle lights at Christmas and tiny eggs at Easter.
6. When I saw this old school desk......made for two. I knew it would be perfect for Katie. She loves to play school. She created a make shift desk out of an old bench . Now she has her very own school desk. My plan is to paint the base fire engine RED.

$10 and a can of spray paint and she'll be ready for the classroom.

7. I also found some items for my evolving "craft room" - which is inspired, but will never quite meet the standards of this room. Loved the lemon yellow chair...........and I can't wait to hang the washed out green shelf to hold old jars of ribbon and (mostly) unnecessary Junk!

8. TAH DAH.......Last but not least - My favorite purchase of the day was this old school room rubber stamp set. There are probably close to 100 stamps, some with words, some with numbers and some with the most darling vintage images.

I think I will make some vintage gift tags.

Today's Mission is to wash everything down and get out the spray paint.
I will post after pictures soon.

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