Tuesday, August 25, 2009

puppies and painting and puking...OH MY.

The day started out at the flea market. Not much luck, however my girls and I fell in total love with a puppy.....(looks just like the one below)

we are working hard on daddy O. we want to name her Lola and get her all kinds of fancy doggie things.

the majority of the afternoon was spent spray painting.. we sprayed doll cases, picture frames and storage shelves.

to end the evening......one of my children (identity withheld) came running down the stairs ......by the time I got to her, she had sprayed the stairs the wall and a little bit of me with tonight's dinner!

i cleaned it up. i cleaned her up. i cleaned me up.

my day in a nutshell ~ OH MY!


Chez Zizi said...

Oh My is right! I hope she is feeling better. When you get daddy-o to agree on the puppy let me know your strategies since we need to work on our daddy-o too.

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage said...

the puppy....how cute. what kind of puppy is that? we are working on "Daddy" too....what is it with all these children crushing/saying no to puppies daddies?

Donna said...

ha ha well we got Daddy O to say yes...I called the breeder today and the puppies were all gone :( .. that particular dog in the pic is a malti poo (maltese/poodle mix). The breeder now has Morkies (maltese/yorkie mix) available at the end of the week. I am wating for her to send the pics. I have had so many people tell me not to do it - so confusing! I will keep my blog updated with the doggie dilemna. Thanks for reading.

Mom said...

Did you get a puppy? And why would folks advise against it?

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