Monday, July 13, 2009

The Grad Party

here are some pictures of my daughters grad party. we had it this past weekend. it was a combined party with my twin nephews. we had 200 people and it was lots of fun.

centerpieces were made from terra cotta pots that i spray painted white and decorated with colors/emblems for the universities that they would be attending. i got pictures of each graduate at different stages of their lives and stuck them into floral foam - covered the foam with crinkly paper and done. Easy and very inexpensive it added a lot of color to the table and was fun to look at. the boys are going to University of Michigan and Brianna will be attending Michigan State some were done in Blue and Gold and some in Green and White

future purple hatters way to party girls!

my dear friends that we met while living in England..... DeAnn and Tanya (Tanya drove 6 hours with her family to attend the party).

we hired my neighbor to dj.
Katie with BFF leading the crowd in the latest Miley Cyrus line dance !

Brothers tending Bar. My husband Jeff, on the right with his brother had lots of fun .

My sister Dawn and Me.

Brianna - co guest of honor.

Jordan - another guest of honor doing some skank foot dance or something like that.

I don't think I left the dance floor.

Baby pictures were blown up of the three cousins!

It was a great night and a great party.

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Simone said...

What a great party, looks like loads of fun!

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, you must be very proud of her.

Best wishes from London, England!

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