Thursday, July 30, 2009

My sister came over with her 3 little angels today and I got to take pictures

i took a gazillion ~ 244 to be exact

i had fun taking the photos and i also had fun playing with the photos on - it is an awesome makes you look like a professional photographer (i have so many people fooled....LOL). Oh, the best part is ~ it is F.R.E.E. that's right NADA single penny absolutely FREE.

i was able to add a frame and crop the photo above

this one i faded out the frame and brightened the picture to show off the colors.

here i faded out most of the pic and focused mainly on the balloons and gave the picture an overall shadow effect from the colors in the balloons. By the way lime green and pink are an awesome combination, aren't they? Helpful Hint: Kroger has the biggest and best balloons I have ever come across......seriously!

in this photo (above) i gave it a polaroid picture effect........i love! and a little retro!
i added some text to this photo....i also cropped in on the cutesy shoes - oh, check out the ankle bracleets these girls have some rockin jewels.

I think this one is my favorite.

and this picture was just plain fun....i added a "papa mike" effect.........what that means is - my Dad, the girls grandpa has a bushy mustache like this one offered on picnik (stickers), so i took full advantage of that and added a special genetic feature to this photo. Now all 3 girls look like Papa Mike!

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Tracy-Girl said...

okay... they are absolutely beautiful!!!! I am one of three girls too, so this totally captured my heart!

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